Battery-powered Tracking

Track Anything, Anywhere, Anytime: Modern design and functionality

TrakGate provides a universal and hardware-agnostic, cloud-based data visualization and management platform that allows managers to track, command, and control assets in near-real-time.

All of your operational intelligence data in a single portal: TrakGate gives managers the power to view the location, behavior, and other telematics data collected by assets in their organization’s technology ecosystem. Assets can be grouped and sorted, interfaces and user permissions customized, and alerts or reports automated to suit your needs.

Interact with any node in the data ecosystem from anywhere: activate assets directly from the interface, configure the reporting settings, understand diagnostic information to manage maintenance needs, send commands, and augment your communications by utilizing a two-way messaging that connects cellular and GPS devices together.

Insightful decisions to save resources, time, and lives: organizations with extensive data acquisition node networks, hundreds or thousands of tracked assets, or extensive fleets can employ TrakGate’s robust fleet management capabilities to leverage operational data toward achieving efficiency goals, cost savings, and risk mitigation.



Fuel & temperature monitoring

On demand & scheduled reports

FNOL – powerful crash detection & reconstruction

Unlimited geo-zones (locations, keep-in & routes)

Immobilize vehicles

Harsh behavior monitoring

Driver ID & scoring

Powerful widget based dashboard

SMS, email & on-screen alerts

Automated hardware activation

Limit user access to groups

Log book – mark trips as business, personal etc.

Over 1000 tracking devices supported

Powerful and intuitive admin control

Real time tracking (update with push technology)

Advanced in depth trip history and driver score

Road name & road speed data on every position

Custom branded desktop & mobile app

Modern design and great aesthetics

Resellers (resell to other users)

Custom API

Cloud Hosted

Billing module

Multi asset trip replay


Harsh behaviour monitoring

Interested in enhancing your drivers performance and improving business efficiency? With our driver behavior solutions you’ll be able to see driving habits at fleet level and asset level. This will quickly help users identify worst offenders, save money and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Works with any tracker

TrakGate is compatible with over 1000 devices and we work closely with the biggest manufacturers in the industry. Using higher end devices unlocks more capabilities in our software. However our software works seamlessly with budget devices too.

Powerful reports

You are able to generate a number of advanced reports including alert violation, over-speeding, harsh-braking, harsh-acceleration, excessive-idle, harsh-cornering, engine-over-revving, and trip reports. You can also create your own custom and scheduled reports, that can be sent on a schedule by email. The reports can be viewed on the platform and they can also be exported to PDF and Excel etc.


Platform branding

Our platform allows full custom branding. Using our templates and themes you can re-brand the TrakGate system with your corporate logo and colors. You can also customize the background image, page title, email SMTP and SMS gateways.


Fuel control and temperature monitoring

Follow your fleet fuel consumption and see average fuel usage for your vehicles over required time intervals. Our system will help you to identify which vehicles have the highest fuel consumption so drivers will waste less fuel knowing that the fuel consumption is monitored. We can also detect fuel fills and drains. This can be also used to create incentive based reward system for drivers to reward them for fuel efficient driving. The same principals can be applied to temperature and cold chain monitoring.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are becoming more and more important as being mobile is a key aspect of modern life. So we have created versions of our apps for Android and iOS to help you stay mobile. Using these, you can access all aspects of the platform from your mobile device.

Instant update with push technology

Every tracking system on the market offers real time tracking, we are unique because we offer true real time tracking with push technology (others refresh the data every 30-60 secs) Seeing the exact location of your fleet vehicles and information about their current route and speed will help to make better business operations decisions, quicker than before.


Multilingual support

We have multilingual support for a number of languages on our app and we can support multiple languages if your preference is other than English.

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Asset Tracking


Dual Technology Tracking


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