Industrial Fleet Management

GPS vehicle tracking system is the key to operating a profitable fleet.

Easy and Powerful GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions: Cloud or Server based.

In today’s challenges, every mile and minute count in management of fleet operations. We offer an easy to manage cloud based platform that will help to reduce fuel expenses, lower emissions, cut unnecessary and unauthorized travel, reduce speed, idling and eliminate aggressive driving. remind of upcoming maintenance.


Start Saving!

trakgate Cut Fuel Expenses
trakgate Increase Efficiency
arrow Harsh behavior monitoring

trakgate Control Labour Cost
trakgate Prevent Unauthorized Use
arrow Improve Service & Routing

trakgate Trim Maintenance Costs
trakgate Protect Environment
arrow Reduce Idling

Battery-powered Tracking Devices.

TrakGate offers a wide range of battery-powered tracking devices for professional applications, integration-ready and globally scalable with industry-leading battery life (2-8 yrs life). Our battery-powered GPS trackers perform better, last longer, and require minimal interaction once deployed. If you do not find a product that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

trakgate umpowered devices
trakgate GPS devices

Reliable and Durable Tracking Devices.

TrakGate offers a wide range of world leading vehicle tracking products dedicated for professional applications. We constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones to meet expectations of our customers. If you do not find a product that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

Satellite Based Tracking for Remote Operations

Is your business running in areas not covered by cellphone towers? We have solutions for you.

Integrity 150

Integrity 150

Solar Powered Asset-Ready Tracker

SmartOne Solar

SmartOne Solar

Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

Spot Trace

SPOT Trace™

Track Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.®

SmartOne C

SmartOne C

Satellite-Managed Asset-Ready Tracker

Government and Militaries

TrakGate has solutions for any governmental agencies and militaries when it comes to keep data within our borders. Contact our sales department for these specific solutions.

Industry Solutions

Oil & Gas
Rail Road

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